The word publish comes from the Latin word publicare which means to make available to the public. So publishing, in a nutshell, involves taking your manuscript and putting it through the publishing production line so to speak. The outcome is a finished, polished book which is ready to be sold anywhere in the world.

Self- publishing is the publication of a book or other media by its author themselves or with the help of an external company/freelancers. In self- publishing the author has more control of the publication process including the design of the cover and interior, formats, price, distribution, marketing, and public relations. The authors can do it all themselves or may outsource some or all the work to companies which offer these services.

We are an independent self- publisher. Which means that with payment, we take care of the entire process for you. Traditional publishing companies, on the other hand, request no payment from you and pay you royalties or an advance. Self-published authors have more flexibility in their finished work and see their book finished faster. For more info on traditional vs self-publishing visit the Publishing seminar page.

  • African and Caribbean interest
  • Fantasy, science fiction,
  • Spirituality,
  • Metaphysical,
  • Mind, Body and Spirit,
  • Ancient and classical history,
  • Alternative history, economics,
  • Nuwaupian books,
  • Biographies and autobiographies.

After you submit your book (5 chapters, synopsis, cover letter), our editorial team will review it and then contact you with a decision. If we feel that your book is right for us, we will contact you and discuss the publishing procedure including outline, terms and questions you may have. We will then send you a contract, and once agreed you can send us payment to begin the publication of your book. Payment can be made in full or on an agreed part payment plan. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual feedback for submissions.

  • We offer all the full services of a publishing house including:

– Turning your manuscript into a finished book

– Assigning your book an ISBN number so it can be bought anywhere in the world

– The best selection of printers

– Good links to the publishing industry

– Marketing and Sales

– Other promotional activities

  • We are a small company, so we care about the little guys and are open to accepting your manuscripts directly. Many of the big publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, so that requires you to get an agent. It can be hard work to get an agent and sometimes you just want to get your work out there because you believe in it and love it. You can send your manuscript directly to us, and we will respond as fast as we can.
  • We have a full team of publishing professionals spanning across the primary departments, editorial, design, administration and accounts, rights and contracts, sales and marketing.
  • We are in business with Bertrams one of the leading UK wholesalers and also receive orders from Gardners.
  • We are a friendly and professional team and will let you have input into the final product.
  • Akasha refers to the Akashic records which are said to contain a report of everything that has ever taken place since the beginning of time. Thus we accept manuscripts from an increased range of genres. If you have further questions, then feel free to send us an email.
  • We can enter you for book prizes such as The Booker Prize, the Whitbread Prize, The Orange Prize, The Samuel Johnson Award and the Forward Poetry Prizes. If you are shortlisted or win, this will give you a cash prize, worldwide fame and instant recognition.

See the Publishing Seminars page.

This depends on the terms of our contract. Generally, sales are paid in royalties ranging from 10-15%. We take on the cost of printing each book, offer ongoing marketing and offer discounts to distributors and wholesalers, as that is the nature of the publishing industry.

Send us the first 5 chapters, a synopsis and cover letter. We ask to see the first 5 chapters rather than three, as this gives us a greater insight to make a calculated decision. As a small publishing company we do not have the time or resources to read every book from beginning to end, but on the other hand, if we do decide to publish it, your book will be reviewed in full during the editorial stage to correct, spelling, grammars, typesetting etc. For more info, please visit the Submissions page?

If you have any more questions please email them to info@akashapublishing.co.uk