1. Writing

You write a book you are passionate about to the best of your ability. Page after page, chapter after chapter and several redrafts you finally finish it off.

2. Submission

You submit your book to us after checking it's in our subject matter and you think you have something that could spark our interest.

3. Review

Our editorial team will read it over a nice warm cup of coffee (or tea) and make a decision.

Benefits of Publishing with Akasha

  • The chance to see your idea turned into a fantastic book with industry professionals working at each stage of the process.
  • Chance to make a career out of writing or earn extra money in addition to your main job
  • Entry into prizes such as the Booker Prize, Women’s Prize for fiction, Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, Costa Book of the Year Guradian First Book Award
  • We organise author talks and book signings at libraries, bookshops e.t.c. so you can meet your fans
  • Leave a legacy behind you

The Publishing Process


As soon as we decide to publish your book we begin marketing and selling activities. Once it is published then we increase the sales activities for your book. We can help you with book review and features, author interviews and public events such as book signings. We also help to build an online web presence, offer email campaigns, negotiate with booksellers and distributors, can produce flyers and posters, press releases.


  • Proofreading/Copy-Editing
  • It is essential that your work is proofread and copy edited before going to print. Our industry professionals from the sFEP (Society of Proofreaders) will thoroughly check your work for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Structural edit
  • For fiction this involves an overview of the book such as the structure and narrative pacing to character development and general style. For non fiction work this looking at illustrations, appendices, bibliography, notes and index.


    Designers will help you to create a front cover and interior of your book. A visually appealing front cover is imperative to attracting interest. People do judge a book by their front cover so give your work the best chances of success. The interior look and feel will also be designed before the book goes to print. You can choose from our set page design or another design to suit your preferences.


    This is a highly technical area involving managing the physical aspects of typesetting, printing and binding. Choose which format you want to publish to, e.g. hardback, paperback or an E-book. You can decide on the size of the print run or choose Print On Demand (POD) services.