Staff Members

It takes people to make any kind of team, organisation or business. And I have a team of friendly professionals who will help me at every stage to publish your book. As my company is still in it’s growth stage, I currently employ freelancers who work in each stage of the process. As I grow I intend to employ full time staff to help with the publishing jobs. Meet my team below and see how they will turn your manuscript into a complete, visually impressive book.

Segun Magbagbeola

Writer/Director and
Commissioning Editor,
Marketing, Sales

Richard Balkwill

Rights Manager

Jake Jacinto


Julie Benz


Name Surname

Freelancer - Graphic Designer

Name Surname

Freelancer - Proofreader

Work For Us

There are opportunities for existing publishing professionals, graduates, and interns to work for us as freelancers on a part time basis. We are not able to employ full time staff at the moment but you may submit your CV and covering letter to to be considered as we expand in the future.

We are looking for:

  1. Commissioning editors
  2. Editorial assistants
  3. Proofreaders/copy- editors
  4. Cover Designers
  5. Rights Manager
  6. Production assistants and managers
  7. Literary agents